Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Argentina, hello.

Things that are the same, wherever you go in the world.
  • The way loud, obnoxious teens will congregate at shopping centers and in front of things. Especially during the holidays.
  • Hangovers.
  • Hangover cures. My remedy of choice: bacon and a trip to the cinematorium.
  • A love of Harry Potter. Went to see the last installment (HP7.2) a few nights ago. Children and adults alike cheered when Neville engaged in badassery, when Ron and Hermione kissed, when Harry did something epic. As the credits rolled, the crowd applauded. It was good stuff.
  • Clubs. They will be full of douchebags. 
  • Music at clubs.
  • Australians getting wasted.
  • The feeling of accomplishment upon finding free wi-fi.
  • Warm showers. They're incredible.
  • Dealing with phone companies. It's always an ordeal.
Greetings from Buenos Aires!
I speak to you amidst a cloud of sleep deprivation. Argentina is not a place conducive to sleeping.

Things I have lost: my phone, my camera, my iPod, my brain.

Still, my mood isn't dampened in the slightest. This city is superb. This country is great. I'm absolutely loving it, I'll tell you that much for free.

After spending a few days longer than I'd meant to in La Paz I sped my way through the rest of Bolivia, spending a split second in each town then racing to the next one. Through northern Argentina, to BA. It's lovely now, having a base, being able to spread out, not having to think about my next location (for this week, at any rate). I almost feel like a local, now having mastered the subway. Funny how things like that produce such a sense of accomplishment.

This computer's terrible. Will write more later.