Monday, October 25, 2010

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Behold, a new blog.

I've dabbled in blogging before, mostly at university. Seeing as it was a requirement to keep our blogs updated, relevant and pretty throughout the three years of our degree (Media, at RMIT), occasionally there was a chore-like feeling when one would sit down to do some good hard blogging. You know, "Come ON, I have ANOTHER self-assessment?? But I just WROTE a group assessment for that other class!" "What? ANOTHER post about the future of print media??" ... the usual.

I suppose whenever you're forced to do something, you get the lazies in a big way. As is always the case however, during the periods of the year when the assessments weren't coming in hard and fast (hurr...) and it wasn't required to be stressing about our blogs, I'd constantly be posting on it. Typical, no?

Anyway, fast forward one year, a few failed blog attempts and one epic journey to Europe and back, and I feel the time is nigh for a real attempt at blogging.


Cause I love writing. I write all the time, probably a bit too much (Postcards, illegible. Letters to friends back home? Excessively long). Also, considering it's coming up on a year since I've graduated, I feel it's also time for a concerted attempt to get back into the media swing of things. The occasional filming/editing job? Sure. But it's time for A REAL JOB. Or jobs. I suppose as well as film reviews and ramblings and general tomfoolery, this'll chronicle the journey and woes and occasional triumphs of a Recent Graduate that almost isn't allowed to put the "Recent" in that description.

Somewhat daunting, a first post. So many posts ahead of me. But from little things, big things grow. Baby steps!

Your humble narrator.

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  1. the only thing i have to disagree with is the use of a paul kelly song as title. but hooray nonetheless!