Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Internet is a Playground.


I'm exhausted. I was only meant to work two shifts this week, starting from tomorrow. As it turns out however, I ended up working today and also yesterday, two shifts that happened to end up being excruciatingly tiring, busy and fraught with vital cafe machinery breaking, as well as giant groups of dudds. It makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing working at that damn cafe, and makes me wonder why I haven't stepped up my Looking For a Real Job efforts. I adore my co-workers, and it really is quite enjoyable much of the time but still...

Staggering in the front door however, my weary bones suddenly received a jolt of PURE UNDILUTED JOY when I spied the package waiting on the table for me. Could it be? Possibly? YES.

My copy of The Internet is a Playground by David Thorne of 27b/6 finally arrived, after at least three weeks of impatient waiting.

If you haven't ever been to his site, David Thorne is one of the FUNNIEST people I have ever known to have existed. Absolute biting, absurd wit. Amazing. Go there. NOW NOW NOW NOW.

Also, I wrote a review about Morning Glory. I probably could have written it a bit better, but you can read it if you wish.

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