Monday, March 7, 2011

Cobwebs and accumulated crap a good vibe does not make.

I think there's a lot to be said for the space in which you inhabit, the space where one spends most of their time. Of late, my room has been a complete mess. My mum walked into my backyard abode, saw me on Reddit in bed, and scrunched up her nose.

"Reb, this room isn't just messy. It's dirty."

Well, probably. I'd taken to spending evenings winding down on the ol' laptop in the house proper, rather than in my room. A layer of clothes on the floor and a layer of cobwebs and daddy long legs on the ceiling a good vibe does not make.

So I completely overhauled the room. The bed went where the desk was, the desk where the TV was, the TV where the wardrobe was and wardrobe where the bed was. And while playing furniture tetris, I dusted, I vacuumed, and I threw out unnecessary junk. I guess I have some hoarder tendencies, so the shit I found in my bookshelves and on my pinboard and in boxes was interesting and entertaining, to say the least. Postcards sent from friends on family holidays ("Casino is so boring!"), love letters from my first boyfriend, ticket stubs from countless concerts gone by, Linc's band's first setlist. Some of it was kept, some of it was thrown out. I took down all the posters, all the photos, took out all the books off the bookshelves. Before long, all of my belongings were strewn around the backyard, in the house, and piled in the middle of my little backyard cave.


Those were taken post-bed move and desk move. Didn't actually do a very good job of documenting the process. I was too busy evicting families of spiders and bugs and about four years' worth of accumulated dust behind the wardrobe and TV.

Anyway, my room is now not only clean, but is completely rearranged, devoid of obsolete pictures. New vibe, it kind of feels like a new start. That was said at the risk of sounding incredibly corny, but it's pretty appropriate. Suddenly I feel like spending my time in my room, listening to records (as opposed to youtube) or writing, or thinking. It's a nice place to think now.

My bed's been moved right next to the window, and while it may mean that having a gentleman caller might prove inconvenient, it also means that with the window open a lovely breeze flows through and it almost feels as if I'm lying in the sun (on a very comfortable ground). Lovely.

Phone photos. Camera charger status: AWOL.
In other news, my ticket to South America is paid for, as is my travel insurance. Linc and I are enrolled in a Spanish school in Peru. It makes me a little sad, the prospect of being away from all of my things for three months, but only a little bit. The thought of the adventures to be had and all that business is far too good, too appealing. 

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