Monday, April 18, 2011

A Few Things Worth Watching.

Firstly, Barbariön. I finally got around to seeing this amazing seven-piece metal outfit last month at annual Espy Rock the Bay festival-day-thing. It was hot, I'd been traveling around to various locations around Melbourne all day. I was completely exhausted, wrecked only a couple of hours into the day. I was somewhat doubtful as to whether I'd survive until Barbariön, who were headlining. It's testament to how excitedly all of the guys spoke about the band then, that I didn't bail. 

And shit, son. They didn't let me down. Srsbro. You'd be wise to check out their costumed, pyrotechnic'd, choreographed guitar move filled live show. I was in boot-stomping hysterics. It was pretty goddamn great, they well and truly lived up to all the hyperbole-ridden hype Dave and others had built.

Anyway, Barbariön held the launch for this video for "My Rock" at The Tote on the weekend, which I unfortunately couldn't attend because I was serving fat people chocolate until late, like some sort of chump. The video is pretty great. In fact, it's more than pretty great. It's fucking great.

I've seen this trailer posted up on my Facebook news feed a couple of times. I watched it this morning. I guess this is one instance when I can actually thank my Facebook news feed for something other than inane "I'm so borrreeed" or "rocking it babe!" status updates from acquaintances I'd like to delete but am too polite.

Anyway, Sleeping Beauty is "PRESENTED BY JANE CAMPION" (thanks, trailer), and directed by Julia Leigh. It stars Emily Browning, thankfully now out of her Sucker Punch garb. It looks fascinating, and definitely gorgeous. It tells the story of a university student who becomes a "Sleeping Beauty" in which old men get off in various ways that require her absolute submission. Understandably, she becomes increasingly anxious to know what happens to her while she's asleep.

This one seems somewhat appropriate given the inclusion of Barbariön at this post's opening. You know, kid racing away on a bike, dudd parents, rock comes to the rescue, all to a metal soundtrack. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Hesher, a malnourished, pot-smoking metal head who lives in a van until he meets TJ, a sad kid. Also, Natalie Portman. Would it be wrong to say that I find Mr Gordon-Levitt even more attractive in this trailer than in Inception, dashingly be-suited? Sozol.

I can't wait to see this. Srsbro.

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