Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hasta Luego

I leave for South America in a few hours.

Not even kidding. It's currently 12:30am, and I'll be leaving home to begin the journey to Tullamarine in two and a half hours.

In the meantime, I've found myself on the couch next to Elvis the Dog. He's snoozing, barking every so often in his sleep while I desperately try to finish editing a Backstreet Boys video the uni girls and I made recently.

Looking back, I was incredibly overambitious in thinking I'd have time to edit it. Mitch came to visit earlier this week, which kept me occupied for a few days. I then did my last shift at the call center, caught up with some family, packed, and had some farewell drinks last night.

It's become obvious that I won't have time to finish it. Or at least, I could finish it, but it wouldn't be nearly as good an end product as I'd like it to be. We went all out for this video, and it deserves real time spent on it. I'd planned to finish it tonight, but the last minute, "OH! I've still gotta do that!" moments just kept piling up and I've only just been able to sit down and do it. Looking at the time, then looking at how much needs to be done on the video, combined with how tired I am means that I feel utterly horrid.

Immy, Alice, Karin, Jaz, Siggi, I'm being sincere when I say that not being able to finish the video upsets me terribly, not least of all because I know how much you've all been looking forward to it. Reb: Shit guy.

My face now:


So I'm leaving. The fact that I'm exhausted I think is contributing to my current state of mind. Which, for those of you playing at home, is one somewhere in between panic, excitement, glee and a little bit of sadness. Is that weird? Probslol. Maybslol?

I can't wait to have adventures with Linc, to see all these amazing places, to experience new and wonderful things. But at the same time, the thought of not seeing my room, my pals, for months... that's a little sad. Aw.

I need to sleep.

I'll post on here every time I have a chance. Promise.


"Bye!" said the sleep deprived, slightly crazed trekker. 

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