Monday, February 6, 2012

So Many Things. ALL the things.

This week is going to be large. The next few weeks are going to be large. Hell, the next couple of months are going to be morbidly obese. The next couple of months should have a good hard look at themselves and their eating habits and the point at which everything turned so .... huge. Flabby, in the best, most amazing possible way.

Why are the next couple of months going to be so big?

This week one of my favourite people, Remi, is coming to visit. A very tall, very sweet Dutch boy, he very quickly shot towards the top of the list of Favourite People Met in South America. We met in Cusco, at the Spanish school we were both attending. It was marvellous to be at that particular school, given that myself and my travel pal were the only Australians in sight. I don't know if you've ever encountered Australians whilst on the old dusty trail of overseas travelling, but Australians can either be awesome as hell, or horrid as shit. Australians are everywhere overseas. We're like a plague. A (very often) loud, drunken, bogan plague wearing board shorts in even the harshest of climes. Thus, it was lovely to be surrounded by Dutch, German, Belgian, Canadian and English folk. Remi and I soon bonded over a shared love of David Lynch, Dan Deacon, arthouse films and beer. Remi and the Amauta crew play a vital role in the vast majority of my favourite Peruvian memories, and it was with a truly heavy heart that I bade goodbye to them and the city after so many weeks of seemingly being unable to leave. Remi especially, was incredibly difficult to say farewell to. We hugged goodbye about five times, every time just not feeling like an adequate expression of how much we'd miss each other. Colin and I walked back to my hostel, and I couldn't help but quietly wail "But.. but... REEEEEEMIIIII" after walking a few blocks in tear-stifling silence.

AND SO it is with great excitement that I await his arrival in a few days! Daggy as it may sound, I actually really get a large kick out of showing friends around Melbourne, giving them tours of all the laneways and cafes and bars. After endless travel guide TV shows about Melbourne the whole "HIDDEN LANEWAYS" things gets a little old, but there's no denying that's one of the best things about the city I'm so glad to call my home.

As far as the other things that are making the next two months so big, we can add to the list a week-long sojourn to Bali with the uni girls, my little brother's birthday and subsequent trip to New Zealand, St Kilda Festival, attempting to cram house-hunting into the mix, continuing to have a full-time job, and Mitch's trip back to Melbourne for ten days of madness.

I almost feel a little overwhelmed. Overwhelmed in the most delightful way possible. Where oh where am I going to find the time to watch The Wire???

Anyway, here are a few things worth watching to contribute to a less painful Monday.

OK Go never cease to amaze when it comes to upping the music video ante. The mind truly boggles at the time and effort and planning it would have taken to get this done. Ridiculous. 

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