Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The No Internet Blues

The online isolation woes.

If I can give you all yet another excuse for not having been regular with my posting, it's because I don't have the internet. Mike and I have been in our new abode for a couple of months now, and alas we still do not have the interdweebs at our disposal. The house itself is chugging along swimmingly (freezing temperature and antiquated oven aside), and Miguel's proving himself to be a most agreeable person to live with. Our living room's been dubbed the "Therapy Room", and more often than not I arrive home to the sound of Seinfeld blaring from within our pad. At the moment however Mike's gone back to the land of the long white cloud to visit friends and family, so I'm home alone. Which is more than okay, seeing as I've always enjoyed being alone. In turn, his time for introspection - and for scaring myself by watching Alien 3 in a dark, empty house - and time of no internet blues has lent itself to some discoveries.

Firstly, I don't know if this is a commonly known thing, or whether I've happened upon some new-fangled discover but ... it is possible to get a HELL of a lot of work done when one doesn't have a working TV or an internet connection.

I cook!

I clean!

I read!

I draw!

I write!

Unfortunately, I don't blog. But I write! By GEORGE, I went for a RUN last night! Let me describe my night. Sit down, this may alarm you.

I got home. I put a load of washing on, then went for a run. I did a few laps of the oval near my house. Then I went home and cooked a frittata thing, to the strains of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer yelling about pens, or man hands. Then I ate self-cooked (this is a big deal) dinner, while watching Girls. Then I drew a few comics. Then I wrote a first draft of this dumb essay thing I'm writing for a website which is not this blog. Then I washed the dishes. Then I had a cup of tea and paid some bills. Then I read A Clash of Kings for ages, then I went to bed. I felt SO PRODUCTIVE. A-WHATUP, FUNCTIONING ADULTDOM!

Seriously though, it's amazing how much stuff you can get done when you don't spend the entire evening lying on the couch, with a laptop on your stomach. When you don't spend upwards of three hours most nights on Reddit.

In addition to that, I've managed to have a sudden and immense burst of creative energy and inspiration. I think it might be the fruit of getting a coffee with Brian, being at the girls' house while Alice got her craft on, and by having my eyes glued to books and the outside world instead of Twitter and Reddit.

So here's the kicker: We actually got the internet connected last Friday. And yet for all of my lamenting the fact that I can't download season two of Downton Abbey, I haven't even attempted to get the World Wide Web functioning in the house. This is partly because I do not know how (the router's still in its box under the oven), and partly because I am enjoying having this sense of being a productive person who gets things done after work. I could just figure out how to do it, but I could also just wait for Mike to get back, and keep on reading and writing my nights away.

Anyway, here I am at work still drawing and writing. I promise I'll post up the results of this newfound inspiration shortly, as soon as I find myself near a scanner. Perhaps I'll buy one. I have a job, after all.

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