Monday, December 10, 2012


Hello friends. I'm back from Meredith, complete with lizard lips, sunburn, a lost beanie (RIP), and a slew of the most wonderful memories imaginable. At the moment I'm writing a bit of a gushing post about the three days spent dancing and laughing in a monster onesie, but it's slow going given the fact that I'm still beyond exhausted.

Having said that though, I haven't had a complete write-off of a Monday.

I've made a Facebook page for this ol' blog. I figure in this time of uncertain employment, I might as well try to be as constructive as I can. Usually that equates to watching way too much Downton Abbey and an obscene amount of Community, but as it turns out I do occasionally muster the energy to do something useful with myself.

Job-hunting? Ain't no one got time to job hunt. 
You can head over to the page in question, 'Like' it, and keep yourself informed and up to date with my posts and other writing and shitty drawings and other amusing rubbish like that. I've also been a bit more Twitter-tastic of late.

Go, go, go! Follow, like, share, etc. If you'd like.

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