Sunday, May 12, 2013

Things at the Moment

It's official - I am finally living in the north. North of the river, north of the wall. Call me The Reb in the North. That's the main reason things have been a little quiet on the blog front; I was packing, then moving, and then upon arriving in the new abode discovering that I'm without internet.

I lie - I knew the internet situation, I just didn't realise that acquiring internet would be such a cumbersome and rage-inducing process. Can't there be a one-stop internet store, in which one might be able to pluck internet out of the air and just put it in any place? I mean, without "oh, you need to do this line rental fuckery" type fuckery. Seriously - this whole I-don't-have-the-internet-I-need-internet thing is irritating as all hell. I think, "Man, I wanna find out about different types of internet-giving-companies. I know! I'll just check online... FUCK."

In any case, I've been feeling equal parts isolated and gif rampage/reddit/youtube vortex-deprived as a result of no interwebs, and all super-chuffed and pleased with myself for finally now living northside. It is a two-edged sword. Soon however, it will be one-edged though, and a sword of close proximity to friends with internet to boot.

Every moment I am without Reddit. 

But! I just bought a new desk (one that didn't begin its life as a dinner table, and thus can fit in my room) and it's time to blog. It's just too bad I have no internet. So after I get internet I'll be blogging like a mad woman.

Now, I'll just have to be content to trundle over to my folks' place and gorge myself on stupid videos, tumblrs full of gifs, and sending myself into a rage wondering why studios nowadays seem to have reverted back to the old-Hollywood trend to lay out the ENTIRE PLOT in a two-minute trailer.

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