Saturday, January 7, 2012


I'm getting ready to Get it Done.

A new year begins! Thus, so too does a 'welcome the new year' post.

I could go into the myriad things that I did and managed to achieve in 2011, but seeing as we're already a few days into twenty-twelve, I actually think the best way to look is forward. Suffice to say though, twelve will be hard-pressed to beat eleven in not only adventures, but also in personal growth (don't worry, I do know how wanky that sounds) and discoveries epic in nature. I have high hopes for twelve though. I wholeheartedly think it can be in its entirety just as good as - if not better than - the second half of eleven.

Without setting the bar too high, here are some things I'm going to do in 2012.

  • Move out, into an abode that isn't in my parents' backyard, with a friend who's very quickly become one of the best additions to our friendship circle of existence in a long time. And whom I'm sure will feature in many a blog post to come. 
  • I'm going to post more. At least a few times a week. 
  • Write more, in general.
  • I'm going to be productive, and keep it up once I reach a steady amount of productivity. 
  • New tat. 
  • Get fit. I have never been the "fat friend", nor will I ever be. That sounds shallow, but at this stage I'll take any motivation I can get to shed some of this excess girth. 
  • Save money. To get overseas. Then stay there. 
  • Basically, I'm going to spend 2012 Getting It Together. I've said that before, but twelve is the time to do it in earnest. No time for hesitation, son! 

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