Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lego Taxidermy

Just before Christmas I was faced with the sudden and very daunting prospect of buying a Kris Kringle/Secret Santa present for a co-worker. As resident new girl, I was more than a little worried that I'd buy a complete dudd of a present and thus would be deemed a dudd myself.

Mercifully (or so I thought), the name I drew out of the coffee jug was that of one of the designers - probably one of the guys I get on best with in the office. Unfortunately, with that relief came a surge of added pressure to get something good.

ANYWAY. Cruising around r/shutupandtakemymoney, I was alerted to the existence and major win (I'm a little hungover, you'll have to excuse my shrunken vocabulary) of David Cole. I immediately decided a lego deer "taxidermy kit" would be a perfect present. Unfortunately, I didn't factor into my thought process the amount of time it would take to get to Australia. I emailed David and asked how long it'd take to get down under, and received a super-prompt and super-nice reply. In short, it wouldn't be arriving in time for our work Christmas party, but by then I didn't care very much at all. Frankly, deciding "I'll just keep it" didn't take much in the way of reasoning or rationalisation.

Thursday I was out with a bunch of friends, cursing the fact that I had work the next day and my car parked down the street while I watched them downing cider after cider after tequila shot. The fact that I hadn't had a proper night's sleep in about a week wasn't helping in the slightest, and I soon found myself in a bit of a god-awful mood. Which is really a hell of a shame, as the night kicked on long after I threw in the towel and succumbed to the tiredness that made me nearly fall asleep at the wheel on the way home.

Upon arriving home however, my mood was immediately brightened by an uncharacteristically sweet message (not an insult in sight!) from Mitts and a package awaiting me with bearing an address in Brooklyn. The deer!

After I'd had my fill of gazing lovingly at the packaging and the hand-drawn instructions, the deer was built. As well as documented, on a new phone that's at least three months overdue. Tell you what, there's a lot to be said for the amount of fun it is to make things with lego. That it looks like an adorable deer just makes it that much better.

Behold! The newest addition to the ranks of things in my room which I have no need for, but which make me happy.

Lego taxidermy deer is available at David Cole's store. 

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