Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Birthday Video

We still don't have the internet.

Apparently our phone lines are unqualified for any and all tasks a phone line must undertake. Frankly, I don't think we'll have the internet any time soon. While I am still enjoying the lack of distraction and the fact that I don't spend hours every night on Reddit, it's beginning to wear a little thin.

Furthermore, not having access to the internet meant that it was more than a little difficult to upload the following video in time for my dear friend Karin's birthday.

But no matter! After a trip back to the familial abode to visit my brother and Elvis, the video made it onto the 'tubes in the end, with plenty of hours to spare on Karin's day of birth.

Anyway, feast your eyes on the cavalcade of good looking people I call my pals! I unfortunately didn't take part in the "market shoot", seeing as I was in the throes of a horrid hangover; the one that inspired my last post, as it were). This is partly the reason I'm not drinking for a month. (A task that's proving to be quite difficult given the amount of shindigs my pals have organised for the next month, thanks for asking)


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