Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dark Knight Rises - fever pitch excitement

I see the trickle of reactions on my Facebook feed.

I browse Reddit always ready to avert my eyes and throw the computer off the desk.

I bought my tickets for Sunday morning, and I'll be damned if anyone spoils it for me.

The Dark Knight Rises ... the time has come, the threat has been declared, with maimed limbs and burst eardrums being the consequences.

This has been flogged to death on Facebook, but I suppose that's because
it's fairly accurate.

Perhaps I wouldn't actually go that far, but don't you be thinking for a moment that I'll be holding back as far as punches in the arms and screeching cries of "FUCK YOU" if someone gives away one iota of spoiler more than "It was awesome!" or "Meh".

I see the trickle of reactions gaining pace on my Facebook and Twitter feeds and it's all I can do to keep my excitement in check.

So far, 2012 has seen me in an almost perpetually state of excitement re: event films. Big, nerdy blockbuster releases is what I'm talking about, and mentally fapping about. I am of course, referring to the three-fold punch consisting of The Avengers, Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises. Each has seen me count down the days before I get to see it, getting more and more giddy with excitement with each passing day. I'm sure the view count of the trailer for each rise considerably because of me. Before heading to the cinema to finally feast my eyes on the cinematic adventure I'd been so excited about, I've been known to actually squeal with excitement.

I'll say this much, any film would be hard-pressed to live up to that sort of anticipation.

The Avengers was a great time at the movies, but I found that it didn't blow my mind quite as much as I'd hoped it would (Hulk's assault on Loki notwithstanding, I think I laughed so hard I choked).

Prometheus made me talk very loudly with crazy arm-waving gesticulations for the entirety of the half-hour walk home. It most definitely blew my mind, with the gaping and ridiculous plot-holes only really starting to irritate me well after I'd calmed down over the week. I'm the first to admit Prometheus was rife with people and things and occurrences that made next to no sense, but in no way did I let that tarnish the amazing time I had while sitting in the theatre. Any film that can illicit an audible "GodDAMN!" from me, and send Mike and I into writhing fits of "OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT" is worthy of a bit in the way of kudos.

All that's left is The Dark Knight Rises. That's on Sunday. Only a few days away.

The reason I have to wait so long is because there was never any question of where we were going to see it: IMAX. In fact, I asked both Ev and Mike on separate occasions what their location preference was, and both immediately replied with, "Uhh. IMAX. Duh...". They seemed almost insulted on behalf of the film that I even had to ask. Which is fair enough, I suppose. Mr Nolan did shoot about an hour of the film for a giant big-ass screen.

To be honest, our seats are probably quite shitty and I'll probably need a neck brace afterwards and I'll probably be even more deaf and no doubt I'll have had to fling my face from left to right to see what's actually going on BUT right now I actually don't really care.

There's not much point to this post apart from expressing how excited I am. I also know that merely sending this out into the internet is tantamount to inviting someone to ruin it for me. I also know that I really, really, REALLY should be attempting to curb my excitement.

BUUUUUUUUT it's kind of too late for that.



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